A Day in the Life at Suite Dog Daze

Our furry family members are treated to a structured day with built in “recess”- free playtime, “class time” - mentally challenging games and activities to stimulate thinking, & problem solving, designed to encourage dogs to challenge the mind! Snack time for the taste buds! Pamper & snuggle time for the heart. Quiet, rest time for the soul. It is our top priority to serve the mind, body, heart & soul of each of our furry clients. Our 2 legged clients can leave their beloved in our care fully confident all of their pets needs will be met.

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What People are Saying...

Cindy Gatti
Lisa is amazing! She has a natural gift of working with dogs. Lisa engages, interacts, praises, teaches, and has a genuine investment in the happiness of her "clients". We will continue to bring our Baylee on a regular basis because we know this will be a play day, not a cage day. Thank you Lisa!

Mark Colburn
We took our dog Posey there for a short stay last weekend to "try it out". He absolutely LOVED it and it's easy to see why. He got plenty of attention from Lisa and lots of play time in the spacious play area with some new dog friends. :) Lisa does a great job making sure they feel comfortable and that makes us feel okay leaving him there for a stay. Great job Suite Dog Daze---We will definitely be back!

Stefanie Mack
Lisa Gipe is a lovely person. At suitedogdaze your pet will be well looked after and much loved. She is the only person I trust with my dog Moe. Rock on suitedogdaze!!!

Glen Gipe
Lisa did a excellent job with our 6 month old high energy auzzie, blue heeler and border mix. We were ready to rehome him until Lisa worked with him. In less than a week Timber came back a new dog! Highly recommend

Jackie SN Covington
Suite Dog Daze gets a 5 STAR review! First, the location is awesome! It's a place a dog can be a dog! Next, Lisa Gipe is AMAZING! She has a talent for loving and treating dogs with compassion, leadership and understanding. To soothe our FIRST time leaving Kenshin with her team, Lisa took the time to keep us updated with activities and pictures throughout the first day! She's busy, and yet she understands that our dog's well-being means the world to us! And that is what makes Lisa, her vision and creation of Suite Dog Daze, special. There's a lot of heart!

Kristy Sibley
Daisy had a great time! It was awesome getting pictures of her playing with all the dogs. So nice to know she is safe and having fun when we're away!

Cory Robinson
What I like most about Suite Dog Daze is that when you board your dog, they go on at least 3 pack walks every day with no extra charge. And the only time they are in their Suite is nap time, bedtime, and when were working with dogs that have behavioral the issues. The majority of the day they are out in the play area or romper room, socializing with their new furry friends.  

Robin Pratz Macgarghee
My boys, Angus and Boots are vacationing at Suite Dog Daze as I type this and from the photos that Lisa posts, they are having a good tme. Thank you Lisa.

Deanna William Motley
Love all the pictures and the funny jokes they're awesome!