A Day in the Life at Suite Dog Daze

Our furry family members are treated to a structured day with built in “recess”- free playtime, “class time” - mentally challenging games and activities to stimulate thinking, & problem solving, designed to encourage dogs to challenge the mind! Snack time for the taste buds! Pamper & snuggle time for the heart. Quiet, rest time for the soul. It is our top priority to serve the mind, body, heart & soul of each of our furry clients. Our 2 legged clients can leave their beloved in our care fully confident all of their pets needs will be met.

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We promise to be unlike any other pet service you've ever experienced. 
We guarantee a positive, pleasant and harmonious experience for your pet while in our care.  

We will make a valiant effort to work with any pet regardless of behavioral issues. We our confident in our program and philosophy of calmness & healing for pets who have experienced trauma, or stress during grooming, handling, or training in their past.