A Day in the Life at Suite Dog Daze

Our furry family members are treated to a structured day with built in “recess”- free playtime, “class time” - mentally challenging games and activities to stimulate thinking, & problem solving, designed to encourage dogs to challenge the mind! Snack time for the taste buds! Pamper & snuggle time for the heart. Quiet, rest time for the soul. It is our top priority to serve the mind, body, heart & soul of each of our furry clients. Our 2 legged clients can leave their beloved in our care fully confident all of their pets needs will be met.

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Come Relax
Your Best Friends health is important, bring them  in to relax from the everyday life of a dog.
A pet’s behavior can reflect their health and the way they feel. Detoxing, feeling pampered, looking great will give them just that right balance.
Loving thy neighbor or friend? Suite Dog Daze has Gift Certificates
Looking for a package? We have just the right one customized for your pet. Ask the experts!
Suite Dog Daze is your healthy- Friendly choice for the health and wellness of your pet family.

Suite Spa Day-                         Bath , Nails, Ears, Clip
                    Suite Member
$45.00         $43.50

Luscious   Locks
$65.00         $59.50

Matte  finish
$85.00         $72.50


Grooming and Spa Retreat

BUBBLES AND BLOWOUT                                                                                                    Suite Member

Flat Coat                              $25      $22

Standard                              $35      $30

Long Hair                             $45      $42